About Us

Angat Pinoy Online Service Cooperative



 Angat Pinoy Online Service Cooperative is a newly registered cooperative under Cooperative Development Cooperative as government regulatory body.  The cooperative was establish by online 33 online marketers who undergone an online mentorship,  Business Group Mentorship under Coach Fibo Lim as their mentor.  The mentorship was composed of 3 major group and one of it is physical product group and was name Physical Product Tycoons.  It was leaded by 3 admin of the group namely:  Tycoon Rebecca Tiwan, Tycoon Jaymante Atendido and Tycoon Vicente III Caccam.  

The group conducted a regular weekly mastermind session to help the group about the course implementation.   Aside from the regular mastermind they are asking them selves what is next after the mentorship is finished.  That is why they initiate to organize a cooperative second quarter of 2021.  But because of some concerns it doesn't pursue. 

Only early months of 2022 the idea of organizing a cooperative was again raised in the group by its 5 cooperators namely:  Rebbecca Tiwan, Marvic Lim, Danilo Piñero, Jaymante Atendido and Vicente III Caccam pursue this project for the group.  It was officially organized on February 26, 2022 by conducting a General Assembly held via Zoom due to face to face restriction. 

The group face many struggle and trials to register the cooperative to the authority due to some restriction during the pandemic and different location of the members.  But because of the determination and perseverance of the group and the strong hold in their vision in helping Filipino, they got their Certificate or Registration fro CDA last September 28, 2022 and make their dream in establishing the cooperative come into reality.  Giving hope of recovery to every Filipno from the effect of the pandemic through maximizing the use of modern technology is the main goal of the cooperative not only as an individual but also as a nation through the guidance and blessing of the Almighty God.