Air fryer accessories 7 in 8 sets


Introducing the Air Fryer Accessories 7in8 Sets, the ultimate companion for your air frying adventures! This comprehensive set is designed to enhance your cooking experience and expand the versatility of your air fryer. With seven essential accessories included in one convenient package, you'll have everything you need to take your culinary creations to new heights.


  • Grill Rack: Elevate your food and achieve perfectly even cooking results. The grill rack allows hot air to circulate around your ingredients, ensuring they are cooked to perfection while obtaining those delightful grill marks.
  • Baking Pan: Ideal for baking delicious cakes, brownies, and more, this non-stick baking pan is specifically designed to fit inside your air fryer. It provides an even heat distribution, allowing you to create delectable treats with ease.
  • Pizza Pan: Craving a crispy, golden pizza crust? The pizza pan accessory is here to fulfill your desires. It ensures that your pizza bakes evenly, delivering a delightful crunch every time.
  • Silicone Mat: This non-stick silicone mat protects the bottom of your air fryer from any potential scratches and prevents food from sticking. It's perfect for making delicate items like macarons, cookies, and even drying fruits or vegetables.
  • Skewer Rack: Prepare succulent kebabs or skewered vegetables effortlessly with the skewer rack. It provides a convenient and secure way to cook multiple skewers at once, saving you time and effort.
  • Metal Holder: Need to maximize the cooking space in your air fryer? The metal holder allows you to stack multiple layers of food, allowing you to cook more in a single batch. It's ideal for cooking smaller items or creating multi-layered meals.
  • Silicone Mat with Holes: This versatile mat with perforations is perfect for cooking smaller, delicate ingredients like fries, nuggets, or shrimp. The holes ensure optimal air circulation, resulting in crispy and evenly cooked snacks.

 With the Air Fryer Accessories 7in8 Sets, you can unlock endless possibilities for your air frying adventures. Whether you're baking, grilling, or experimenting with new recipes, these accessories will help you achieve outstanding results every time. Crafted with durable materials and designed for easy cleaning, this set is a must-have addition to any air fryer enthusiast's kitchen. Elevate your air frying game and let your creativity soar with these essential accessories!


  • Air fryer accessories
  • air fryer Accessories
  • 7 "8-piece set
  • Suitable for: 3.2-6.8 qt - up
  • Model: 0598
  • Item no: 05987
  • Accessories: Electric cooker/electric pot accessories
  • Product size: 18cm
  • Use: Air fryer oven