Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


Introducing the Bluetooth Speaker 10W Waterproof Column Subwoofer Portable Soundbar, a powerful audio companion that delivers an immersive music experience wherever you go. This sleek and compact device is designed to withstand the elements, boasting rainproof, anti-dust, and drop-resistant features, making it perfect for outdoor adventures or poolside parties.

With its superior bass performance, the speaker effortlessly fills the air with rich, high-quality sound. Seamlessly switch between music and calls with just a touch, ensuring convenience and versatility on the go. The subwoofer and loud volume capabilities provide a thrilling audio experience without any distortion or unwanted noise, while the deep bass adds an extra layer of intensity to your favorite tracks.

Connectivity options are abundant with this soundbar. You can easily establish a wireless Bluetooth connection with your devices, enabling seamless streaming from compatible devices such as phones, iPhones, laptops, and more. Additionally, the AUX connection allows for wired connections, expanding the versatility of the speaker even further.

Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue, embarking on a hiking trip, or simply enjoying a relaxing day at home, this Bluetooth speaker offers unparalleled portability and compatibility. It effortlessly syncs with a wide range of electronic devices, including Windows, AirPods, smartphones, and other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets.

 With its impressive features and unbeatable performance, the Bluetooth Speaker 10W Waterproof Column Subwoofer Portable Soundbar is the ultimate audio companion for those who seek both convenience and exceptional sound quality in a single device. Get ready to amplify your music experience and immerse yourself in the rhythm and depth of your favorite tunes, wherever you may be.



  • Rainproof, anti-dust, drop-resistant;
  • Super bass, music/call switching is so easy.
  • Subwoofer and Loud volume, No noise, Bass shocking.
  • Bluetooth connection, AUX connection
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection and Compatible with many electronic devices: such as windows, airport, phone, iPhone, and so on.


  • Bluetooth version: 4.2
  • Working time: 3-4hours
  • Bluetooth working range: 10Meters
  • Audio frequency noise ratio:>= 90dB
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh
  • Built-in voltage: 3.7V
  • Playback long: 3-4H
  • Horn size: 45mm*2
  • Omega: 5W*2
  • Charge input: 5V/500ma
  • LED models: Functions: card insertion, voice prompt, call function
  • Power supply mode: Built-in lithium battery
  • Extended memory: 32G
  • Operation mode: Button
  • Support format: U disk
  • Signal to noise ratio: ≥75db

Package Content:

Speaker X1
Audio cable X1
Charging cable X1







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Gute-new-colorful-fabric-portable-belt-woofer-waterproof-Radio-FM-Bicycle-parlante-bluetooth-portatil-altavoz-ducha (5)