Menstrual massage and hot compress belt


Elevate your period experience with the Menstrual Massage and Hot Compress Belt. Rejuvenate your body with a deep massage while providing warming comfort during cramps. Transform your cramp days into relaxation days! Let the massage and heat wave through your body and make your period a breeze.


  • Fast Heating: High efficiency rapid heating system, rapid heating in 3 seconds, quickly soothes menstrual pain, warms directly to the lower abdomen, and chases away the cold for you.
  • 90% Large Heating Area: The heating area is large, and multiple parts can be cared and hot compressed, not only to warm the uterus, but also to protect the waist and stomach.
  • Excellent Efficiency: The constant temperature warms the uterus and says goodbye to cold uterus, dysmenorrhea and low back pain, bring you a comfortable menstrual period and healthy body.
  • Vibration Adjustment: The dual vibration motors of the waist are reasonably distributed and arranged, and the 4 speed high frequency vibration can be adjusted, which can vibrate 7,000 times in 1 minute to relieve waist discomfort.
  •  Intelligent Temperature Control: Temperature control chip, three temperature adjustable. Automatic timing, avoid forgetting to turn off, excessive heat. Multiple protection, care for safety and health.



  • Size: One Size
  • Heating temperature: 45-65 ℃
  • Net weight: 400g
  • Temperature control range: 45-65 ℃
  • Body care part: waist care
  • Product function: hot compress, massage
  • Material and fabric: ABS+flannel
  • Controller gear: 3
  • Length of control line: wireless
  • Product size: 190 * 90 * 28 (mm)
  • Charging time: about 3-4 hours
  • Service time: about 2.5 hours
  • Input power: 5W
  • Power supply: 5V (DC) 0.8A
  • Lithium battery: 3.7V DC1 800mAh
  • Input interface: Type -- C

Packing list:

  • belt
  • 1×USB

How to use:

Button Introduction:

  1. Hot compress switch button, click to open the hot compress and switch the hot compress level, double click to switch the ambient light, long press to turn off the hot compress function.
  2. The ambient light can be turned on.
  3. Vibration massage switch button, click to turn on the vibration and switch the vibration level, double click to switch the ambient light, long press to turn off the hot compress function.

Functional Operation Steps:

  1. Press to open the latch, wrap around the waist, insert the latch, and move the main unit to the abdomen. If the wearing length in the early stage is not enough, you can adjust the buckle in advance, adjust the length, and adjust it to the appropriate length before wearing it.
  2. Motor heat switch or vibration massage switch, choose the required mode to wear and use.
  3. When the power is low, it can be charged through the power bank (not included) or the mobile phone charging head (not included).