Solar Light Outdoor Decoration


Enhance your outdoor garden with our Solar Light Outdoor Garden Decoration. This stunning piece comes with exciting upgrades that guarantee an exceptional experience. With an upgraded square battery box and a built-in rechargeable battery, it ensures long-lasting performance. The increased solar panel allows for faster charging and improved waterproofing, ensuring reliable operation even in adverse weather conditions. Equipped with a waterproof switch and high-quality rubber, this decoration is both dustproof and waterproof, adding to its durability.

What sets this garden decoration apart is its enchanting effect. The warm light, which sways with the wind, beautifully mimics the appearance of fireflies. The result is a mesmerizing and realistic ambiance that adds a touch of magic to your outdoor space. For added stability during installation, the stainless steel ground rod boasts a smooth surface and excellent rust resistance. This ensures that your solar light stays securely in place, no matter the conditions. Elevate the atmosphere of your garden with this exquisite Solar Light Outdoor Garden Decoration that combines functionality, durability, and captivating beauty.


1. Upgrade the square battery box, built-in rechargeable battery, increase the solar panel to charge faster and better waterproof
2. Waterproof switch, high quality rubber, dustproof and waterproof
3. The wind can sway, warm and warm light, simulate fireflies, and the effect is realistic
4. Stainless steel ground rod, smooth surface, not easy to rust, more stable installation


Product name: Solar 6 head swing light

Product material: ABS + stainless steel tube
Light source: warm color / colorful gradient color
Lighting time: 8-15 hours when fully charged
Battery: 1.2VAA60OMA NiMH battery
Waterproof grade: IP65
Charging time: 4-6 hours in direct sunlight
Solar panel: monocrystalline silicon 2V 160mAh

Note:  Applicable to: gardens, pots, courtyards, balconies, etc. where there is direct sunlight

Size Information:

Packing list
Ground plug light*1 ,manual*1