Tactical Gloves


Introducing our best-selling tactical gloves! Designed for optimal performance and comfort, these gloves are a must-have for any tactical enthusiast. The ergonomically designed rubber knuckles on the back of the hand provide exceptional cushioning, ensuring a comfortable fit during extended use. With a hard rubber tortoise protecting the joints, these gloves offer enhanced defense in even the most challenging environments, such as combat situations.

Durability is key, which is why we reinforced the palm of these gloves. This not only increases their longevity but also reduces impact on your hand. Plus, we've added a fur-slip material to the palm, ensuring a secure grip in any situation.

Wrist protection is crucial, and we've got you covered. The breathable stretch nylon wrist guards shield your wrists from potential damage while allowing air to circulate, keeping you cool and comfortable. And for a customizable fit, we've included a Velcro strap that lets you adjust the tightness to your preference.

We understand the importance of staying connected, even in the field. That's why we've integrated a touch screen function into the thumb, forefinger, and middle finger of these gloves. Now you can operate your phone or other touch screen devices with ease, without compromising stability or durability.

Invest in the best. Choose our tactical gloves and experience superior protection, comfort, and functionality.



1. The back of the hand cushions the rubber knuckles, which is ergonomically designed and more comfortable to wear.

2. There is a hard rubber tortoise on the back of the hand, which can better protect the joints in very environmental applications such as fighting.
3. Reinforced palm enhances the durability of the glove, reduces the impact on the hand, and adds a fur-slip material to the palm
4. The wrist is made of breathable stretch nylon to protect the wrist from damage. It is also equipped with a Velcro strap to adjust the tightness.
5. The thumb, forefinger and middle finger have good touch screen function, so you can wear it sensitively to touch the screen of the phone, and it is stable and durable.


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