USB LED Flame Candle Lights for Power Bank


Introducing our Portable USB Night Light - the perfect solution for soft and comfortable lighting, wherever you go! Designed with your sleep and convenience in mind, our night light is easy to carry and offers a wide range of uses.

Featuring LED highlight energy-saving technology, our night light provides a simulated dynamic lighting effect that's gentle on your eyes and perfect for night sleep. Plus, with its compatibility with USB ports, laptops, charging heads, and mobile power supplies, you can enjoy the soft light whenever and wherever you need it.

Our night light is also mini in size, making it easy to carry and perfect for use at home, in the bedroom, on your desk, or when you're on the go. You'll love its exquisite appearance, high efficiency, and energy-saving capabilities, making it an affordable and practical choice for all your lighting needs.

Experience the convenience and comfort of our Portable USB Night Light today!


  • Portable USB night light, soft light, suitable for night sleep, and portable lighting.
  • LED highlight energy saving, simulated dynamic lighting effect.
  • Suitable for USB ports, laptops, charging heads, mobile power supplies, etc.
  • Mini size, easy to carry, bedroom, desk, going out, etc.
  • Advantages: Easy to carry, high efficiency and energy saving, exquisite appearance, a wide range of uses, and affordable.


  • Lamp shape: round
  • Lampshade material: PP material
  • Lamp holder material: USB hardware
  • Switch type: USB plug-in interface
  • Voltage: 5 (V)
  • Style: antique
  • Dimensions: 25MM*86MM
  • Color: H2118 flame lamp
  • Light color: golden yellow
  • Size: 25MM*25MM*86MM

Packing list:

Night light*1