AvailBrite ToothGel 130gm



  • Avail Brite ToothGel is formulated with a mild and unique component that helps polish your teeth and safely removes surface stains and discoloration.

    Together with its 100% natural mint flavor, this mild-floaming and naturally refreshing ToothGel promotes both advanced oral care and sensational brushing experience.

    📌100% natural active ingredients

    📌No artificial coloring

    📌Alkaline pH


    📌Sugar free

    📌Non SLS

    📌100% all natural

    ☝️with Kayusugi - a natural teeth cleaning twig that helps kill gum disease, causing bacteria ☝️Propolis - contains high level of flavoroids and vitamin E. Together with it's wound healing and anti inflammatory properties, promote healthier gums.


    1/2/3 tubes Avail Brite ToothGel  130gm