GPS Tracking Software

GPS-server offers advanced white label GPS tracking platform for business and personal use. One solution for numerous features – view object real time location and monitor sensors using widgets, manage history and reports, receive notifications about important events, maintenance management, remote device control, review incidents using images or video telematics, set custom billing plans, Android and iOS client and phone tracking applications, multilingual interface, access API to develop custom solutions, 900+ closely supported GPS devices.



Real time tracking

Real time tracking mode represents live data of tracked objects. Information is updated every ten seconds without need to refresh page or relogin to account. Monitored data contains vehicle status, latitude, longitude, altitude, address, speed, connection time, ignition status, fuel consumption, sensor data, nearest geozone and much more.

Our Platform is LTFRB Accredited. 

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GPS-server 4.24

Note: This Platform is  Monthly Subscription Base per Month.